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Private courses

Do you want to work at a higher pace and focus on your special needs? Then maybe private lessons are better suited for you. We offer you the opportunity to practise with Dutch teachers one-on-one and to focus on your specific needs. Private classes can also be used to help you with any task or project you’re currently focused on, such as an upcoming presentation, drafting work documents or writing emails.


Your level

Our Take Dutch courses are designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This is a reference framework developed by the Council of Europe that provides a European standard for language proficiency levels and for interpreting test scores. The results are valid across Europe.


Beginner: A0 → A1
Beginner+: A1→ A2
Intermediate: A2→ B1
Advanced: B1 → B2

Intensity and set up

We offer regular and intensive Dutch courses. For private courses we can adjust the frequency and number of classes to your wishes. However, to be able to guarantee satisfying results, the minimum number of hours for each course is 30.

Regular: 15 x 2 hours (15 weeks) or 10 x 3 hours (10 weeks)
Intensive: 5 x 6 hours (1 week) or 10 x 3 hours (2 weeks)

Study load

Both private and group courses include 30 contact hours with your teacher, plus 30 hours of independent study.


After subscription we will contact you for an intake, so we can offer you classes adjusted to your level and wishes. Your starting level will be defined in CEFR-terms. The intake is included in the course fee.


At the end of the course, you will receive an attendance certificate with your starting and attainment level, on condition that you have attended at least 75% of the lessons. Attendance certificates are included in the course fee. This is not an official diploma, only government institutions can award those.